Warning From Experts – Changing bath towels every week is not enough.

Many believe that changing bath and hand towels at home once a week is enough to avoid bacteria, well, that doesn’t seem to be true according to a recent study that has found a different result revealing that hand towels carry bacteria more than we expect.

A recent study by the University of Arizona has shown the importance of regularly washing towels, as an essential part of our routine. According to the German magazine Focus, the American study confirmed that the belief that a shower towel can be used for a week before being changed is wrong. Even if the towel looks clean and strain free, it can be a great environment for bacteria to multiply.

Scientists say that our body can deal with most of these bacteria types that can be found in bath towel, but there is a more serious problem when it comes to small hand towels.

The study found that the humid air usually found in the bathroom is more conducive to the spread of bacteria. It was also found that hand towels were very dirty, mainly due to the fact that hands were not washed well, that is, for less than 20 seconds needed to get rid of harmful bacteria by washing. Experts also advised washing and changing towels at least three times a week in order to avoid disease transmission and maintaining a good health.

Berliner Zeitung newspaper warned in a report that household towels may be a major source of germs and bacteria at home, and that’s mainly because they are used to dry hands which have been in direct contact with raw meat and its products.

Researches also revealed that putting these towels in the washing machine may not be enough, as some bacteria may survive even during washing and drying. In addition to that, it was also found that putting clothes in a washing powder product for two minutes was more effective and reduced the number of bacteria considerably compared to just using the washing machine, especially that washing towels at a low temperature does not kill all types of bacteria.

So how to get rid of towel bacteria effectively? Here are 4 important tips:

  • Wash your towels every three days at a temperature of 140.0 °F (60 °C) and add an antiseptic if necessary.
  • Make sure that your towels are completely dry before using them.
  • Do not put a wet towel in contact with other dry clothes to prevent the bacteria from spreading.
  • Make sure to change towels completely and replace them with new ones regularly.

Some people tend to give the cleanliness of their toilets and bathrooms more priority over that of their kitchens, which is seen as wrong by hygiene experts. The reason behind that is that the contamination of food with bacteria is worse than having it in contact our skin. It is true that germs are mostly found in unclean places around us, but 99.9 percent of these germs are non-pathogenic. Which means that cleaning is necessary, but without exaggeration.