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Reasons Not To Carry Your Mobile Phone Close To Your Body

Where do you usually put your mobile phone? Many people seem to find it practical to carry their phones in the back or front pocket of their pants or chest pocket. Some women invented another way – putting their phone in a bra.

But is it safe to do so? Mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves and even though they have not been proved to be one of the causes of cancer, many scientists claim that keeping your mobile device close to your body really does influence our body in extremely harmful ways. Before putting your mobile in the pocket again, we encourage you to read these following reasons why you shouldn’t.

Breast Cancer

Dr. Devra Davis, an American scientist who has spent many years studying the effects of mobile phones radiation, says that there’s actually a connection between this radiation and cancer, especially breast cancer. She mentioned a case when a woman developed a cancerous tumor on her breast of exactly the same shape as the phone she liked to tuck into her bra. So for those ladies who still have this harmful habit, we recommend getting rid of it as soon as possible for your own health.

Male Fertility

Radiation emitted by mobile phones can also influence men’s health by making their chances for having a child much lower. Since many men struggle with fertility even without radiation, guys should try to stop carrying they phones in their pants, especially their front pockets, if they want to start a family one day.

Back problems

Neurologists say that many of their patients who complained about pain in their back and legs had a habit of carrying their mobile phone in the back pocket of their pants. As it turns out, this can cause not only back pain but also inflammation of the sciatic nerve, reducing bone density and weakening the pelvic area.

Brain damage

Keeping mobile phone close to your head for long periods of time may influence blood vessels in your brain causing headaches and other disorders. Therefore, in case you plan a long phone conversation, try using land line or at least frequently changing the side of the head next to which you’re holding your device. One more advice is putting your phone at least a few feet away from your bed at night since it lowers the harmful influence of the radiation.

Sleeping disorder

If you make many long phone calls during the day or tend to serf the Internet in bed before sleeping, be ready to have difficulty falling asleep, troubled sleep and even insomnia. Try to limit the use of your mobile phone in the evening and put it away at least half an hour before going to bed.

Possible burns

You’ve heard about cases when mobile phones’ batteries exploded before. But apart from blowing up, some phones can also burn your skin if you keep it in direct contact with your body. That’s what happened to a woman called Georgie Tufnail from Kent who put her mobile phone into her bra while attending to her son and got a nasty burn on her breast that extended for a few inches. This is another reason not to keep your phone in your cleavage.

Random calls

Most of us can admit to their phones dialing and calling people on their own while being in our pocket. Statistics show that in San Francisco at least 30 percent of emergency calls are caused by random dialing from phones kept in a pocket. To avoid such unpleasant situations, stop shoving your device down your pants pocket.

Phone damage

A huge percent of crash or water damage occurs for a simple reason – when you pull your pants down in the toilet and either smash it against the floor or drop it into the toilet – and we all know what’s worse.

Next time before deciding where to keep your phone, remember the damage it may cause being too close to your body.

Where do you like storing your mobile phone? Have you noticed its bad influence on your health? Share with us.