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Photos Of Children Made By A Mom Photographer Who Can Turn Regular Days Into A Fairy Tale

A polish photographer Iwona Podlasinska, who studied to be an architect, takes photos of children like no one else in the world. The main characters of her work are her two sons. Iwona actually started her career as a photographer by taking photos of them. The boys live a regular life: they play, go out with their friends and visit their grandma. However, thanks to the author’s talent and the unusual way she looks at the world around her, simple things turn into magic, and people who look at her work seem to immerse into the world full of warmth, love, and comfort.

We at LifeSoEasy are charmed by Iwona’s work and are sure that you’ll also join the numerous army of her admirers.

Little noses

Christmas Eve

Little Mermaid

Cherry tree


Polar express

Distant places


Coming home

City music

Beautiful Tosya

When fire meets water

Warm summer nights


Adam and the lake

A night to remember

Light and shadow

Summer at grandma’s (the kiss)

On the way

Wooden horse


Adam with his cats