Online Services That Will Make Your Next Trip Cheaper and More Interesting

Hopper is an app that uses artificial intelligence and data-science to find the perfect time for booking your flight. Users choose their destination and date and Hopper browses the history of millions of flights, predicts price changes and gives advice on whether you should buy the tickets now or wait a bit informing you when the flight is the cheapest. 60 percent of the time Hopper suggests waiting for the price to drop and if you follow the advice, you might save up to 10-15 percent of the price. This is true for 90% of flights booked through Hopper. The company claims that their recommendations are accurate with 95% chance for success.

Even though the company charges $5 for every transaction, its customers save up more than $60 on every flight. That’s how Hopper has helped its users to save $1.84 billion so far. Besides, the app studies customers’ needs and preferences and based on that recommends possible future trips and 25% of the bookings come from these recommendations rather than from the search results.

Cool Cousin is an app that helps you to find the best places to visit using the locals’ advice. Instead of searching online users can look for a ‘cousin’ who gives advice on where to go and what to see. Interestingly, the app creators protected their data with a blockchain technology which is resistant to modification of the data. Moreover, the app has cryptocurrency CUZ based on Ethereum. CUZ tokens can be used while paying for any profile information or the actual services.


Flio is an app that allows you to spend the time waiting for your flight with pleasure. It gives you the current info about your flight and the airport’s Wi-Fi password, shows its map and gives useful tips, for example, about shops or cafes where they might offer discounts. Marking the airports you’ve visited on the map, you can share the tips with other users.

Freebird is a service that allows you not to get stuck at the airport in case your flight has been cancelled or delayed for a long time. The app will rebook the flight for the earliest available from other airlines without additional fees, although as an insurance you’ll have to pay $19 for a single ticket and $34 for a return ahead of the flight. In the future the company plans to introduce service prices based on algorisms, destination and prediction of flights problems. For now, Freebird works only for flights of American airlines but promises to expand soon.

Packr helps to pack your suitcase based on your destination and holiday plans. Apart form a list of things that you need to take with you, in the app you can create a to-do list before your trip. Packr will make sure you don’t forget to take your passport, tickets and even receive the vaccination require by the destination country.

GuidePal is a mobile guide that contains information about touristic sights. The app will suggest places to see or try delicious food or have some drinks with friends and locals. The best part about GuidePal is that you can use it offline.

Tiqets helps you to buy tickets to the most popular museums in the world. Next time you’re traveling, you won’t need to stay in queues to visit the best cultural spots of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Vienna, London, Milan, New York, and many other worlds’ biggest cities.

While in a museum, however, you can use Smartify which is also known as Shazam for paintings. What you need is just to open the app, direct your phone to a masterpiece you’re looking at and receive all the main information about it. The app also provides information about museums including their opening times. Starting September 2018 Smartify offers virtual reality mode that makes the user experience even more exciting.

Airbnb is the cheapest service for renting accommodation abroad whose name actually reads as AirBed and Breakfast. Locals offer their own apartments, rooms, castles or even vans to let. You can choose what suits you best and book it paying online.

Couchsurfing is a social media for travellers that allows you to save some money. Its slogan is “You have friends all over the worlds, you’ve just never met them yet”. The platform is designed to help its users mainly in finding a place to stay and food as well as organizing tours and group trips.