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Haircuts And Styles To Make Your Thin Hair Look Great

Many women are unfortunate to have thin hair and the reasons for this are numerous: frequent unprofessional hair dyeing, bleaching, perms, using hot curlers or rollers, braiding your hair too tight, low-protein or very strict diet, bad genes or stress, and the list can go on and on. If you’re not entirely unfamiliar with this problem, don’t worry – you’re not doomed to a lifetime of ponytails and wispy locks. There are certain hairstyles and haircuts that will help you fix the situation and make your hair look thicker.

LifeSoEasy made a list of some of the best haircuts and styles to go for if you have thin hair, whether it’s long like Ashley Graham’s or short like Cameron Diaz’s.

Short hair

– Pixie Cut

Professional celebrity hair stylists suggest choosing a cropped pixie cut in case you don’t sport particularly thick hair. Next time you’re visiting your favorite hairdressing salon, ask the stylist to cut some layers into your hair which will make an illusion of ticker hair. This haircut is really easy to maintain and style using a little pomade.

– Pompadour

One of the best hairstyles for those with short hair, whether thin or not, is pompadour. If your hair is flat and uninspired, just apply some mousse on it and sweep it back to add some volume. This won’t only make your hair look thicker, but also make you look a bit like a rockstar. Depending on the shape of your face you might need to leave more or less length on the sides, so before choosing this haircut, consult your stylist and find what’s best for you.

– Asymmetrical Bob

This classy-looking hairstyle has been out there for a while but definitely hasn’t lost its popularity today. And even though the classic bob might make your hair look a bit flat if you can’t brag about thick hair, there’s a way to make it work for you. Ask your stylist for an asymmetric low-elevation bob that will take attention away from your crown where the hair is usually less thick. Another good idea here is a side parting that will give fullness to thin hair.

Medium hair

– Long Layered Bob

Long layered bob, or Layered Lob is another version of the bob which is a bit longer, for those who feel a little scared to cut their hair too short. At a salon ask to keep the length above collar bones and give your hair lots of layers which will add volume and depth to it. Don’t cut your hair any shorter though – you don’t want it to thin out towards the tips. This haircut is quite easy to style too – use some texturizing spray and you’re good to go.

– Blunt cut

Another good choice for fine hair is a shoulder-length blunt cut that gives thickness by creating geometric look. With this haircut you can still go for occasional ponytails and updos, just avoid giving too much texture to hair full of layers.

– One length cut

If you’re still looking for a great hairstyle that would give your hair an illusion of thickness and depth, ask your stylist for an A-line, one-length cut with the length slightly below collarbones – you don’t want long hair to weigh you down. Your hair will really look much thicker, besides, with this length you can still style your hair in tons of ways, whether it’s a high ponytail or a messy bun.

Long hair

– Super-layered

If you can’t stand the idea of cutting your hair too short even though it is far from the thickest, go for lots and lots of long layers for a thicker look. Bangs can be an addition to this hairstyle making it appear even fuller, but only if your hair is thick enough to pull it off.

– Balayage

This technique of adding a light sun-kissed look to your hair is a great option for fine hair as well. It’s really hard to notice any definition and movement if your hair is one color, so talk to your hairstylist about highlights or balayage that would help to add some contrast and dimension to your hair which is exactly what we’re looking for here.

– Relaxed style

This style is a no-no for those who like their hair to always look perfect. If you’re okay with a more relaxed look, this hairstyle is a great choice for you. Next time you’re at a hairdressing salon, ask your stylist to leave your hair long and cut it to one length, since layers might give the tips even thinner look. However, with this style you should remember to trim at least once every two months to keep your long hair neat-looking.

Which of these hairstyles and cuts did you like best? Or maybe you already sport one and want to tell us about the result? Leave a comment below.

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