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25 Cool Parents Who Don’t Let Their Children Get Bored

Our parents can sometimes be unbearable: controlling us, making us look stupid in front of our friends, giving us weird presents. They also have a manic need of taking care of their grown-up children. Yet all these shortcomings are more than compensated by a great sense of humor and unconditional love that underlies even the strangest deeds of our parents.

Social network users are sharing photos showing their relationship with parents. Looking at these pictures LifeSoEasy cant’s stop thinking that the ability to lead a fun life must be genetic.

1. This mom didn’t mind becoming part of the show to get a good shot of her child

2. “Dad sent us this cutting board as a housewarming gift, but apparently he got the size a little wrong”

3. “Mom dressed up as me on Halloween”

4. “Mom decided to create a holiday atmosphere for the contractors”

5. It seems that a prototype of the Grinch who stole Christmas was someone’s angry mom

6. “I work as a teacher in Canada and my mom made this scarf for me so I don’t get cold”

7. “ I’ve run out of hair ties and asked my mom to buy me some. She said: “Tidy up your room first”. Touché, Mom”

8. “My dad is not very good at decorating, so I decided to turn his work into a piece of art”

9. “Not sure mom knows how a crock-pot works”

10. “A Christmas gift from my father. Yes, it’s his face photoshopped onto a Mona Lisa reproduction”

11. When your child’s dream is as a law for you, but you look for an easy way to make it come true

12. When you leave the bathroom just for a moment and come back to your mom’s defrosting turkey swimming in it

13. “Asked father to feed my cat while I was away. He lost the key to my apartment and couldn’t come up with a better idea than throwing cat food through the mail slot”

14. “Mom’s visiting dad in hospital. Guess who got the bed?”

15. “Visiting my friend’s parents’ house for the first time. Didn’t dare to use their towel”

16. “Asked dad to leave my hair straightener near the bathroom door before he occupied it”

17. “A note from my mother: “Your dinner is in the fridge””

18. “Father’s just realized that he ate half of his sandwich with paper”

19. “For my 21st birthday parents made this album with my photos in it. At first, I didn’t understand why they included these pics”

20. “At dinner quite a few people wanted to take a photo with my dad mistaking him for Danny DeVito. As for me, he doesn’t look like him at all”

21. “Dad dressed up as Santa even though I’m 23 and my sister is 20”

22. “This is my mom’s first smartphone and she doesn’t know how to make notes yet, so she does this instead”

23. “Sometimes I wonder how my father lived to be 54”

24. “My mom brought some dry ice from work”

25. “Every time my father comes visiting, he hides $20 note somewhere in the house. This spot is by far the best. I’ve been making coffee for a week before I noticed it.

What strange things have your parents done?