22 Photos That Show How Easily We Can Be Tricked On The Internet

We often admire photos on the Internet not suspecting what might be hiding behind the perfect shot. Behind a photo with a perfect landscape, we can actually see a line of tourists, an elegant dinner table picture can, in reality, be taken on a balcony floor and the background of a “tropical” shot might actually be in a florists store.

LifeSoEasy looked “behind the scene” of these perfect pictures we came across on the Internet and found out what’s sneaking behind them.

1. When you need to take a picture of a kiwi but you don’t actually have one

2. Who said that you can’t take good shots “in nature” on a rainy day?

3. In order to take such a peaceful picture of your reunion with nature, you’ll have to take the trouble of waiting in a long queue

4. When the photographer needs more “dynamics” in the shot

5. How some make-up artists make online step-by-step lessons

6. For a perfect shot, this photographer lay on the floor in the back of a moving van

7. This is what taken “on” iPhone sometimes looks like

8. It’s not easy to find an empty street in a touristic place

9. When a photographer is asked where he finds such magical shooting locations

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10. “What I post vs what I send my friends”

11. A picturesque view can turn out to be a little puddle on the ground

12. There’s 30 seconds difference between the two shots

13. Tagged photo vs Instagram post

14. A mysterious
fairy-tale waterfall, in reality, looks like this

15. Same girl, same make-up. Lighting and perspective magic

16. When you have the outfit but your friend has the nails

17. If you want to look graceful in a pic, be ready to sweat

18. One more example of Instagram vs reality photos

19. Such a bitter face might be hiding behind a perfect shot

20. “My Insta life and my real life”

21. Photos we’re posting vs real parenthood

22. It looks more like magic than photography

Have you ever come across any photos online which were clearly hiding something behind the scene?

Featured image: got_memes / reddit