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16 Things That Only Our Grandmas Could Do

Our grannies are very special people in our lives, who share with us only warmth, love and good feelings. But they are also so cute and vulnerable in this modern world. Only they can take care of us the way no one else can and cheer us up with their sometimes-funny behaviour.

We at LifeSoEasy found these cute deeds of grandmas whose grandchildren undoubtedly had a good laugh.

1. Kinky Christmas tree decorations

2. This grandma tried really hard to decorate the house for Easter, so she put out a basket with this cute little “Easter bunny”

3. Granny adopted three “cats”

This woman adopted these three stray cats and let them sleep in the house. When her grandson Eric came visiting, his grandmother told him about it. The young man decided to take a look at her new pets and was quite shocked to see that one of the “cats” was actually an opossum! The cute little thing was pretending to be a cat to get a warm bed and some love. The woman decided not to kick the imposter out and went on taking care of it, since she thought it was obvious that only bad circumstances could make the animal seek human help.

4. “My grandma stayed with me for 2 days and decided that I was too skinny”

5. “My grandmother always takes some bacon with her when she goes to restaurants because she thinks they never put enough on her sandwiches”

6. This granny knitted a sombrero for her grandson’s hamster

7. Everyone but the phone got a piece of grandma’s love

8. Grandma came visiting

9. When you left your old laptop and some games at your grandmother’s but she thought they would have better use in her garden

10. How to explain your grandma that USB sticks don’t require charging

11. Grandma’s delicious 21-layer jello

12. “My mom was always a bit jealous of my daughter’s pants, so we got a pair for her birthday”

13. This kind-hearted woman felt sorry for the poor defective pig, so she bought it

14. Grandma got a computer for her birthday and took serious action to protect it against dust

15. This elderly woman decided that her granddaughter couldn’t go out wearing these torn jeans

16. “My mom bought this adult cartoon book for my 6-year-old daughter”

Bonus: Only grandmas worry about us more than we do

Have your grandmothers ever surprised you in such cute ways? Share your funny stories with us in the comments below.

Featured image: The Sun