16 Crimes That Were Meant To Be Perfect Until Something Went Wrong

A perfect crime is when everything goes according to a plan and no one notices your mischief. But when something goes wrong, the situation can unexpectedly change against you. Say, you wanted to brag about your new sweater with a mirror but forgot about it and decided to play poker.

We at LifeSoEasy cracked these 16 seemingly perfect crimes and prepared a bonus for you at the end.

1. This Black Friday sale couldn’t hide their price increase very well

2. But where did the snowflake come from?

3. This cat didn’t stay unnoticed

4. When your poker face isn’t working because your sweater let you down

5. When even your dog is smart enough to trick you

6. Nothing is impossible for a hungry student

7. True puzzle master

8. Lifehack for the “rich” of social media

9. When a patient is too smart

10. A thief or a benefactor? Hard to tell

11. That moment you decided to try the trick you’ve seen on the internet but it didn’t work out as well as you’d expect

12. There’s The Mother of Dragons and there’s The Mother of Carriages

13. Driving lessons should start with teaching about the places where it’s forbidden to park

14. When you’re very scared of the vet but aren’t good enough at running away

15. “Joey doesn’t share food!!!”

16. That moment you want to brag about your working out results but your friend reveals your secret

Bonus: when you wanted to find love but got into trouble instead

Have you ever come across any ‘perfect’ crimes? Share them with us.

Featured image: Nurrsha / reddit