10 Signs Showing That Your Child Might Be A Genius

Parents always want their children to be happy and successful and therefore they spend as much time, money and effort on their children’s upbringing and education as possible. But how difficult it is to evaluate the results of such investment! Many years will pass before the child becomes independent, so how can we understand on early stages of their life what we can do to help them develop their skills and talents moving in the right direction?

Today we’ll share with you signs that will help you to identify whether your offspring is a genius or not.  Read on and you’ll be able to find out whether your child will become a talented scientist, a great artist or a successful entrepreneur. But the most important task for parents, of course, is to discover the child’s talents and abilities as soon as possible and help them to work on and master them.

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At the age of just a few months it’s difficult to tell a highly gifted baby from an average one. But as we grow up and develop, we don’t only discover the world around us, but also get to know ourselves as individuals in it. Here’s what you can tell about your child observing them closely.

1. Writing and drawing/painting

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A talented child doesn’t just look at the world – they gather and process information about it and then try to reproduce their impressions about it while drawing or writing something they remembered best. Look closely! Maybe your child is one of 5% of children who have visual memory like a video camera.

2. Imagination

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We’re sure many parents will be able to relate to a situation when they are talking to their kid or explaining something and he or she is just staring at something through a window clearly thinking about something else. Or when the offspring make up some interesting stories or even tell small lies. Very often children are sitting through school classes and when bored, try to amuse themselves doing something creative and interesting. Don’t rush and tell your child off since these stories might be a sign of your child’s high intelligence. The best solution is to try and understand why your youngster behaves this way.

3. Speech

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At the age of 2 the average child can communicate using simple sentences. Gifted children, however, can often start mastering more complicated constructions. But don’t be scared if it didn’t happen to your child yet. Many talented kids who grew up to be famous and successful had difficulty speaking till even older age. That’s exactly what happened with, say, Albert Einstein or a well-known physicist Richard Feynman. What is worth paying attention to is the speed of speech: if your favourite little one speaks pretty fast, it means their brain works well and they have rich vocabulary.

4. Handwriting

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Bad handwriting is often a sign that a child’s hand simply can’t keep up with the speed of their thoughts. Also, highly gifted kids can usually clearly identify which subjects they like the best. Therefore, being interested in maths, for example, a child can easily stop paying too much attention to literature or writing.

5. Communication skills

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Smart children aren’t necessarily reserved and quiet. There are those, who can successfully interact with their peers and build close friendships. So if your child can get on well with most other kids, your little boy or girl is already talented in their own way.

6. Relationships with adults

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More often than not children are not very comfortable in a company of grown-ups. A gifted child, however, likes spending time with adults even more than with their peers because they can get some interesting new information or learn a new skill from them. That’s why child prodigy tends to spend a lot of their time with their parents and grandparents and even make older friends.

7. Energy

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Talented kids are usually bored of sitting around for a long time. They like to get to know the world and themselves in it. These children learn to walk faster and take up any new activity they can lay their hands and eyes on. Teaching such kids reading and writing is generally a lot of fun.

8. Work with small objects

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Smart toddlers often prefer playing with small objects like small toys, puzzles, beads etc. But these activities should only be allowed while an adult is around. Who knows, maybe your child will come up with the idea of tasting one of the toys.

9. Sense of humour

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Sense of humour is one of the signs of high intelligence. If a child can make and understand jokes, it means their abstract thinking is well-developed. Such kids usually get on well with others and have many friends. But be careful! In some cases, not only intelligence but stress can be hidden behind humour as well.

10. Good parents

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Right! After all, parents influence their children’s development and can either help them to realize their abilities or supress them. Psychologists say that an ideal father of a talented child should be calm and sensible. The mother, however, is the person from whom the child will inherit mental abilities, that’s why she’s better be a representative of intellectual profession (e.g. a teacher).

A child can have a bunch of talents and the main question is which ones will he be able to identify and develop. And parents play a major role in this matter. Quite often parents decide what they want their child to be even before their baby is born and don’t notice that their offspring has different abilities and interests. And the result of this is more often than not a person who grows up to be unsuccessful and simple unhappy.

To sum up, if you’re a parent or planning to become one soon, be attentive to your child, communicate with them and always ask if they are interested in the things you want to make them do. Because who knows, maybe under your supervision and with your help and support your child will grow up to be a genius who will make the world a better place.